off/on - platform for off-stage spaces in Munich

You’ll find them in empty shop, private apartments, or occasionally a century-old disused public toilet: small, private pop-up art shows by people who are motivated by passion rather than profit. They have a burning desire for art and for the idea of creating new spaces to meet and talk to new people. They want to bring Munich out of the shadows – and back into the limelight.


Julia Benkert sets out to support their commitment by preserving things ‘on film’ that disappear again far too quickly and all too often go unseen. Her chosen medium is just as flexible and spontaneous as the phenomenon itself: her mobile phone camera. Depending on the situation, she’ll use it to portray the creators and their off-stage spaces, and then edit her footage to create short clips, snapshots that will soon be shown on a platform of their own platform – online.

Artists' village

On the island of Samos, not far from Pythagoras’s cave, is a secluded mountain village with a view across the Aegean. Here an experimental laboratory is to be set up for courageous free spirits, artists, philosophers and thinkers of all kinds. The aim is to jointly test a new raison du coeur and culture of discussion to herald a long-overdue epochal turning point.


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